Parking in Domburg and Zoutelande

New parking guidelines in the municipality of Veere

Since the beginning of this year there is a new parking policy in the municipality of Veere. From next spring (March) parking along the coast must be paid for. This has already been the case in many places, but now applies to all coastal towns in Veere municipality.

Parking in Domburg and Zoutelande

Most Zeayou Zeeland accommodations offer private parking during your stay. You can find this information on our own websites under "Facilities" or "Practical Information".
However, on the day of arrival and departure it is also helpful to know where to park.
Map with parking spaces in Domburg
Map with parking spaces in Zoutelande
Parking fees per parking space in Domburg and Zoutelande, among others

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Why payed parking everywhere?

"The day tourist also pays a little for the (tourist) facilities through the parking tax. We think that's fair, after all, they enjoy everything Veere has to offer. And with paid parking, we improve the quality of life in the residential streets because of the traffic and tourists searching for a parking place, which creates "air" in the living area and residents have enough space to park.

With the additional income from paid parking spaces, we keep the necessary facilities and can invest in a liveable environment. Think of the improvement of the (parking) infrastructure, the spraying of the beach, the improvement of the dune crossings and the construction of parking lots and bicycle racks. This is how we keep Veere attractive. "
Source: Veere municipality