The Golf Course of Domburg is located in the dunes in Domburg. It was opened in 1914 and is therefore one of the the oldest golf courses in the Netherlands. During the Second World War, the course was bombarded, and the bomb craters were included in the design of the course and are often used as grass banks. The course was reopened in 1955 and its location in the dunes makes this golf course a real “links” course. The wind and rough make it a very challenging course.

Because of the location it is also a very natural course. Golf and nature are in any case interconnected and the dune course of the Golf Course of Domburg is home to many different birds. Migratory birds, even gold crests, but also resident birds. This allows you to also enjoy the chirping and twittering during your round on the course. Besides for birds, you will also see other things flying; butterflies and dragonflies. During the season you are even asked to pay extra attention and to share your observations with the special Butterfly and Dragonfly working group, Zeeland.


There is another golf course on the island Walcheren. The golf course De Zeeuwsche is located on the edge of Middelburg. The many water features are characteristic of this beautiful 9-hole course. This makes the course absolutely worthwhile, even for experienced golfers.

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