Tree plan

Zeayou supports the Plan Boom initiative

In cooperation with Zmf, Staatsbosbeheer and Buitenfonds, Zeayou Zeeland is investing in Zeeland's nature. Zeayou Zeeland is planting 4000 regional trees as part of Plan Boom. We are doing this nearby in Walcheren, in a village called Biggekerke.

Together, we are making the province a little greener!

In order to make our living environment more beautiful, greener, fresher and healthier, it is important to reduce CO-2 emissions from recreation. Zeayou is therefore investing over 22.000 euros for the planting and sustainable management of the future forest.

The Netherlands is one of the countries with relatively little forest. That is why Staatsbosbeheer is planning approximately 5,000 hectares of new forest nationally in the next ten years. This initiative from the recreation sector indicates that the urgency to green is widely felt in society. People want to be able to do something themselves, to make a concrete contribution. Staatsbosbeheer would like to support us with planting and maintenance. This coming winter, various trees such as hawthorn and dog rose will be planted, which provide a home and food spot for many bee species and birds. Walking paths will also be constructed in the forest, which is larger than the hectare planned by Plan Boom. So you can also visit the forest in the future and experience your contribution to greenery with your own eyes!

Help us, for saving a tree!

Through sustainable recreation we donate a fixed contribution of €1.50 to the planting of a new tree. Because when you rent an (electric) bike, book directly through our reception or our website, we donate a fixed contribution of €1.50 each time to the tree plan. Even if you decide to skip the daily room cleaning (this is possible if you stay more than 1 night), the compensation amount goes directly to more rustling canopies on the island! *All hotels and accommodations that are part of Zeayou support this action.

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