Tree plan

We are passionate over sustainability. Luckily, this is the kind of heat that does not aggravate global warming. On the contrary: we contribute to a healthy earth and living environment for all of us, in all kinds of small, playful ways.

Our greatest pride: a tree plan. For this we joined forces with the Zeeland Environmental Federation. Right now, the plan is still in a start-up phase and we are searching for a suitable piece of land Walcheren where we can plant trees with the ZMF. The more lungs there are on earth, the more joy! Your visit enables us to do this. During check-in we ask if you would like a daily cleaning of your room. If you choose to skip this, we donate € 1.50 per day to the tree plan.

Obviously, we will keep you informed of the tree plan. We provide an update in our newsletter at least once a year. Would you like to receive this too? Then register here !