Sustainable shower system

With the Meed Energeyser

We recently installed the Multifunctional Energy Efficient Shower at one of the Zeayou Zeeland Apartments in Domburg.

Sustainable shower at Zeayou Apartment in Domburg

Several Zeayou Zeeland apartments are located on the Brouwerijweg in Domburg. This spring, we installed a Multifunctional Energy Efficient Shower (MEED) in the ‘Downstairs 2-person suite’.

The MEED means unlimited hot showers, without using a central heating boiler or heat pump. And, because more than 80% of the heat from the shower water is captured, the system only requires a small electric boiler to act as a reheater.

The MEED is an eco-shower that isn’t gas-reliant. And, what’s more, it’s also cost-effective. The MEED system consumes a significantly lower amount of electricity than any other domestic hot water generator.

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If you would like to book this apartment or one of the other apartments on the Brouwerijweg in Domburg, take a look at our website! More details about the space fitted with the MEED shower are shown here.

Meed Sustainable Shower Solutions

Interested in more information about the MEED shower? Please visit the MEED website.