Zeayou Zeeland invests in a forest

Plan Boom (Tree Plan)

Zeayou Zeeland has teamed up with ZMf, Staatsbosbeheer and Buitenfonds to invest in Zeeland’s natural habitat. Zeayou Zeeland will plant 4000 trees as part of the Plan Boom, or Tree Plan. The trees will be planted nearby, at Biggekerke, in Walcheren.

Greener Walcheren

We’re going to plant two-and-a-half acres of indigenous trees to make Walcheren greener, healthier and more attractive, and to reduce the footprint and CO2 emissions of holiday makers. Zeayou Zeeland is investing over 22,000 euros in the plan. This pays for the forest to be planted, and managed sustainably for fifty years. Launched by the tourism industry, the tree planting programme is unique in the Netherlands. We hope it will encourage others to do the same!

Zeayou Zeeland gives back to nature

Eva van de Parel , who manages Cityhotel Wood in Middelburg, launched the scheme. She enthusiastically explains how she and her guests raise money for the Tree Plan. This is how it works: the hotel donates € 1.50 if a guest books directly via the hotel website or the reception desk, or rents an (electric) bike, or when a guest decides to skip the daily room cleaning. Miles clocked up on the outward and return journey can also be compensated. Hotel Bommeljé in Domburg and Strandhotel Zoutelande and Duinhotel Tien Torens in Zoutelande are also part of the tree-planting scheme.

Biodiversity is increasing

Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch forestry commission, is delighted with the partnership, and the reforestation. The Netherlands is one of the least forested European countries, which is why Staatsbosbeheer aims to plant over 12,000 acres of new forest, nationwide, over the next decade. The tourism sector’s initiative highlights people’s growing concern for the planet, and their passion to re-green. People want to do something, and make a tangible contribution. Staatsbosbeheer is happy to support us by planting and maintaining the forest.

Next winter, a number of tree varieties will be planted, including hawthorn and dog rose which provide food and shelter for numerous bee species and birds. Hiking trails will be laid in the forest, which will be larger than the two-and-a-half acres mentioned in the Tree Plan. You’ll soon be able to visit the forest and see, smell and feel the contribution you’ve made to regreening the planet.

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Tourism and nature go hand in hand

ZMf, who helped us develop the idea, say it’s a wonderful and creative initiative that shows that the tourism industry is taking responsibility for enhancing and maintaining a thriving landscape. ZMf hopes that other tourist organisations in Zeeland will follow this example. The project is part of the national Tree Plan, a programme dedicated to planting 10 million trees in gardens, roadsides, public gardens, parks, industrial estates and rural areas throughout the Netherlands in the next four years.

In Zeeland, ZMf, in collaboration with the Landscape Management Foundation, aims to plant 380,000 trees; a tree for every person in Zeeland.


Staatsbosbeheer and Buitenfonds (an independent charity that raises money for eco projects on behalf of Staatsbosbeheer), supported by the business community, will bring the plan to fruition. Staatsbosbeheer and Buitenfonds will also ensure that the donations benefit the agreed-upon projects. For which reason, Buitenfonds is responsible for the collaboration between Staatsbosbeheer and Zeayou Zeeland.