Guided citywalk

Discover Middelburg's hidden gems this summer at Cityhotel Wood

The warm summer days invite adventure and discovery. During your stay with us, we have a tip for an unforgettable experience not to be missed. Set out to discover the historical beauty of Middelburg with expertly guided city walks and tours of the magnificent late-gothic town hall. These can easily be booked at the Printing Office in Middelburg.

Our experienced city guides will take you on a journey through time, past hushed squares and hidden alleys, towering abbey towers and old merchant houses. You will discover the monumental inner city of Middelburg, a town rich in history and hidden stories.

And to make your visit to Middelburg truly complete, you can also book a guided tour of the impressive late-gothic town hall. Be enchanted by the architecture and the fascinating stories our guides share with you.

These special activities are easy to book via Tourist Info on the Drukkery Middelburg website and in-store. We encourage our guests to seize this unique opportunity and get to know Middelburg in a whole new way.

Can you see yourself wandering through the picturesque streets of Middelburg, taking in the historical beauty? Then take a look at the Drukkery Middelburg website to book your place.

At Cityhotel Wood, we look forward to welcoming you and giving you an unforgettable summer. Just pack your walking shoes and prepare for a unique adventure in Middelburg!

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