Cosy village on the coast of Zeeland

Since the enormous hit of the Zeeland band Bløf, in 2017, everyone knows the Zoutelande, and many day trippers and tourists know where the village is located. But Zoutelande, also known as the Zeeuws Riviera, has been known as a fantastic beach destination, since the 19th century. Since then thousands of guests brave the high dunes to ultimately enjoy the Zeeuws coast.

The air in

The high dunes, one of the highest in the Netherlands, make for excellent para and delta flying here. You can fly over the dunes for kilometres. You have to be in the possession of a KNVvL License 2.

But even for those who prefer to have both feet firmly on the ground, it is always special to see. It produces spectacular images.

Behind the dunes of Zoutelande

Zoutelande is the only beach in the Netherlands, situated in the South, and therefore it is also known as the Zeeuws Riviera. According to reliable measurements, the weather here is always slightly better than in the rest of the country. Zoutelande has a promenade from where you have a fantastic view of the white sandy beaches. The beach is about 5 kilometres long and is protected by the high dunes. The beach of Zoutelande has been awarded the so-called Blue Flag for years, meaning that the beaches are clean and safe, there are many facilities such as showers, toilets, and the possibility to access the beach with a wheelchair and pram.

You can walk straight onto the beach from both of our hotels in Zoutelande. Duinhotel Tien Torens is situated in the dunes, after a short walk over the dune path, you can unfold your towel on the beach. If you open the windows in the morning after a night in Strandhotel Zoutelande, you can smell and hear the sea. In only 25 meters, you stand with your feet in the sand. Let the holiday begin!

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Walking shoes on, or rather on the bicycle

The island Walcheren is ideal for a hike and for cycling. During your stay in Zoutelande it is certainly worth your while to head out for a hike or cycling. The area next to the dunes is beautiful and a hiking route across the dunes can provide a serious challenge if you tackle the highest dune. From Zoutelande you can take a lovely hike to Vlissingen. You can follow the hiking trail here with almost no interruptions and often also sheltered from sub-optimal weather conditions. Or take a dune turn-off and walk a part over the beach.

Cycling in the area of Zoutelande

Cycling from this area is very varying. You cycle through beautiful dune areas, narrow country roads and small villages. Zeeland has a large cycling network with which you can easily determine your own route. On the way there are numerous options for a cup of coffee, a cool drink, or a visit to one of the local companies. In Walcheren you can find, amongst others, cheese farms, an ice-cream farm, windmills, and various country shops. Great to buy something typically Zeeuws here, to take home as memory of your holiday in Zeeland!

On our pages hiking and cycling you can read more, and we give more tips.

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Kustmarathon Zeeland

Are you a fanatic hiker or perhaps even a runner? Did you know that a large running event takes place in Zoutelande annually? Every year, in the first weekend of October, Zoutelande is all about the Coastal marathon. The event traditionally starts on a Friday, with the ladies run and for the last few years also the light run. Saturday is characterised by the marathon that starts in Burgh-Haamstede and ends more than 42 kilometres further in Zoutelande. The course is extremely challenging because a large part of it is over the beaches of Zeeland. As spectator, you are expected to encourage the runners in Zoutelande up to the finish line, in Langstraat. On this same Saturday there is a reversed MTB tour, from Zoutelande to Burgh-Haamstede, and the youth in Zoutelande run their own mini marathon.

On Sunday, around 5000 hikers start their walk to Zoutelande at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. The event has grown tremendously, also due to the large number of spectators that encourage the runners, young and old, throughout the entire weekend.

If you would like to participate in this event, we recommend that you register immediately on 1 January at 00:00!

Centre of Zoutelande

At the centre of the village is the large Catharina church. This 13th/14th century church underwent a large restoration in 2011 and is quite a striking building.

Directly below the dunes is the most important street of the village; Langstraat. Here you can find most of the shops, restaurants, and terraces. During your stay you can obviously visit our own Bistro ’t Zoute, in Beach Hotel Zoutelande. During the season you can obviously order Zeeuws mussels here or enjoy one of the other dishes on the menu. On the terrace you can relax in the sun with a good glass of wine, a refreshing soft drink, or a delicious cocktail.

You can also find a large range of dining options in the village; a pancake house, Italian restaurant, and an eatery. In the high season we suggest making a reservation in advance. Looking for a special restaurant? View the options and our tips here!